Thursday, March 29, 2007

A testimony

Hello Friends...

I wanted to share with you this testimony from Kristen Ward written to Lori Gammon of the Keepers of the Home group. I hope that her testimony encourages you in your own pursuit of holiness. :)

Love you all,


"Dear Lori, I wanted to tell you thanks you for encouraging me to have quiet time. I have had a wonderful week. You are so right that God will give us strength when we honor him. I have been getting up two hours earlier everyday and I have more energy! My days have been so much more organized and I feel more filled with joy. I started out this week with a new schedule. I have time reading the Bible (Hebrews) and prayer then I read a chapter in Pursuit of Holiness. I then go get ready and I am all done before anyone else in the house is awake. I wake the kids we have breakfast while I read the Bible to them.

Then they get ready and do chores for one hour. This is something new. Before chores where always in the afternoon because I was afraid if we did them first we would not get school done. Doing the chores first has made all the difference. Not only does the house look great but it gets there attitudes in the right way. I made a chore chart for the week. I did this in my mind before but this way the kids know what to do and I have it broken down in manageable tasks for each day. Everything gets done and I have to think a lot less.

I also use the menu planner and I used the shopping list. It was the first time I went to the store and bought only what was on my list:) Another thing has been that I am writing down everything we do in the day. It is great for me to see just how much we are getting done. It is amazing to look back on our day and say look we did great today. If for nothing else Daddy can see what our day looks like and he is impressed.

Next week Grandma and Grandpa are coming and I am keeping on the schedule. We will actually have more time with them and a better time if we do. Thank you so much for helping to stream line our life. I am reaping the rewards already. Your wisdom is God sent."

Kristen Ward

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