Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wish List:

The day before school was finished, our kids, with the help of mom, wrote on a sheet of paper all the different activities that the kids wanted to do this summer. This has been so much fun as it has given them something to look forward to and then to remember all the things they've already done.

Ah, don't you miss being a kid sometimes...

1. Go to the Library (sign up for summer reading program) Done
2. Slide into the kiddy pool from swing set slide Done
3. Go to Rock Museum
4. Attend Vacation Bible School Done
5. Go to the Water Park (with passes from past reading program)
6. Work on Memory Verses Done
7. Go to Settler's Park (a new park we've never been to)
8. Go to Science Museum
9. Smores Night Done
10. Go to Krispy Kreme & Watch them make doughnuts Done
11. Blow Bubbles Done
12. Go to the Zoo (with family pass) Done
13. Play freeze tag Done
14. Go to the Beach (a "little" drive for us) Done
15. Play with Ice Excavation Ring (Toys frozen in ice for them to dig out) Done
16. Swimming Lessons Done
17. Graduate from Dolphin Swimming Class Done
18. Go Fishing (Free day) Done
19. Harvest our first peanuts from the Garden (Waiting for harvest)
20. Make peanut butter
21. Go to Berry Farm Done
22. Run through sprinklers Done
23. Emily learn to ride bike without training wheels (learned how to ride a scooter)
24. Visit new toy store in neighborhood Done
25. TBA