Friday, March 2, 2007

The sound of music...

What brings music to this Mom's ears. Things my kids say:

  • Can I have a carrot?
  • You're the best Mom in the whole world!
  • I shared.
  • Jesus will help me.
  • Jesus will help you.
  • I love my sister.
  • Can I have more food?
  • MMM... this is yummy (for some meal I prepared for them)
  • An unsolicited "please, thank you, or you're welcome".
  • When I ask, "Who wants to pray", and I hear a chorus of, "I do!".
  • I love my brother.
  • Dad's home!
  • "Look, Mom!" at something that brings them delight or brings up a question of wonder.
  • The sun is up!
  • When I eat, I grow big, big, big!
  • Yes, Mom.
  • Have a good day at work, Dad.
  • The sound of giggles.
  • I love you, Mom.
  • Good night, Mom & Dad.

1 comment:

Leah Kadwell said...

Clark had a good one today... "you look very nice in that dress, mama!" Now that was great!