Thursday, March 29, 2007

March "Keepers of Home" Notes are in!

Hello friends,

A few of you have requested more information from this month's Keepers of the Home meeting, previously posted about here:

The following are notes from the March meeting on the topic of Goals, along with some other great topics to gleen from:

  1. March Notes/Goals
  2. Mom's (Lori Gammon's) personal goal sheet
  3. Specific tasks for mom's goals
  4. Life purposes
  5. Testimonies from other Mom's
  6. Child training tips
  7. Mom's personal book list
  8. Toy clutter
  9. Grocery List and Menu Planner

Just let me know which topics you would like forwarded by email over to you. There are just too many "gems" of encouragement to post on this blog.


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