Saturday, March 3, 2007

All year long..

This last Christmas, I received an excellent gift from my brother-in-law, Adam. Every year, we secretly exchange sibling names and share a "wish list". I wanted a book that would be good for "working a yard". If you ever have the chance, try picking up the Complete Home Gardening - Growing Secrets and Techniques for Gardeners by Miranda Smith.

There are beautiful illustrations with clear step by step planting and growing instructions. Includes tables and charts of information that I would have never imagined needing to know. It even illustrates how to construct a fence to keep the deer out! Not a problem for us. ;)

I am thoroughly enjoying reading this book. Not sure what will be accomplished this year. But it is so nice to have a ready guide. I have always enjoyed plants and have fond memories of helping my grandma with her garden. She did amazing things with a small amount of space.
Last May, we moved from Montana to the house we live in now. With this home, we have been blessed with a front & back yard. A true first in our married lives. There was so much to do. Lots of weeding, trimming bushes, pruning trees, spraying, mowing, etc. All "good problems" to have, but the work took so much time and toiling under the hot sun. We are glad to have a bit of head start this year.

Looking forward to seeing what "Spring" flowers we may have around the property just waiting to show themselves. There are also thoughts of planting flowers from seedlings, and maybe some vegetable gardening in a small patch of the side yard.

Now, How do I check the PH level of my soil?


Leah Kadwell said...

Oooo Lisa, can you please come garden for me? Even my children know that I do not like gardening ... or plants... Although we saw some beautiful sunflower patches this weekend that made me want to grow sunflowers... but then I realized I would actually have to 'grow' them... and so I put that idea out the window :)

Lisa Hertel said...

Sunflowers are so very pretty, aren't they. When we moved into this house the previous owners left a small packet of sunflower seeds. I was thinking about trying those to see what comes about.