Saturday, March 17, 2007

The seed

The kids and I recently read "The Carrot Seed" book by Ruth Kraus. It is a wonderful little story about a boy who plants a seed, despite skeptiscism from others, and then waits patiently for the seed to grow. This book has simple and progressive stages of how a seed comes to be a plant. With a little patience, clearing out weeds, giving it water, some sun, a little love, then a seed will grow into a grand carrot.

Gardening has so many wonderful metaphors that parallel our relationship with Christ. Will save that for another post.

Anyways, we read this book and then did our own project on planting seeds:

Here we used egg crates, potting soil, and some old marigold seeds from 2001 that were left by the previous owners of this house. Most seeds should sprout if they have been kept in a dry environment. Hopefully these will grow.

The kids really loved poking their own drain holes in the bottom of the crates with toothpicks and then ever so diligently filling the areas with dirt.

We sprayed them with water and put them in the window sill.

I heard from my Mom, in Oregon, that Marigolds are helpful in warding off bugs and pests in the garden. Hopefully, we will get to do a small garden this year and these flowers will bloom.

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Leah Kadwell said...

Super project, Lisa! You are such a great mom!!