Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Things kids say...

There are special joys that one receives when they are a parent to toddlers. One of those things is hearing your child say a new word. Even better is hearing them say the new word in its proper context:

The other day, our little boy was bugging his sister. So his mommy said, "Do you think that was very kind thing to do to your sister?" He paused and thought for a moment. He then said, "Maybe?" I was looking for a simple "Yes or No". Not a gray area. ;)

Another time, we caught him saying, "Mommy, I did well!". His parents usually say something like, "You did a good job." Someone else has been teaching him proper grammar. Hmmm...

We asked him, "Who taught you that word?" He says, "My teacher, at church."

We do know for sure though that our 2 year old girl is picking up on what her parents are saying, because this is what we heard coming out of her mouth: "Do you understand me?"

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