Friday, June 15, 2007

It's the little things that matter...

So often it is the little things that we do for people that matter. Showing them we care in the things we do for them. I don't always do the best in this area, but I am trying to do a better job in being more purposeful in show my little family here that I love them in special ways.

Here are some things I did yesterday to encourage my husband:

-The night before, I brought home a Banana Split for him to enjoy.
-Gave him a nice goodbye as he left for work in the morning.
-Made the bed.
-Prayed for him during the day.
-Mowed the lawn for him (especially, as he has been really tired in the evenings).
-Picked up the living room before he came home to provide a "things are in order" feeling.
-Left a tall glass of water on the counter for him to drink when he came in the door (he drives home in his truck that has no air-conditioning on these hot summer days).
-Barbecued Hamburgers - made sure to put on mushrooms and pepper jack cheese.
-Baked Tater Tots (a favorite).
-Cleaned up dishes.
-Gave him the opportunity to take off his boots and take a shower.
-Gave him some down time, without giving him the worries of the day.
-Watered the front lawn.
-Later, sat out on the deck with him and watched the kids play.
-Talked with him about his future plans for a biking trip.
-Told him I loved him.
-Gave him a back rub.

Then today, I asked the kids, "What does Daddy do for you? How does he help you? How does he show you he loves you?"

-Pushes me on the swing
-Catches bugs
-Takes me to church
-Helps me with my owies.
-Helps me with my bike and teaches me to ride it.
-Helps clean the house.
-Takes me to the park.
-Catches me on the slide.
-Scares monsters away
-I love my daddy!

I am thinking about putting the kid's thoughts in his Father's Day card. The little things matter - even our kiddos know the value in this. :)

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Leah Kadwell said...

Well done, Lisa. You are a great wife and a special lady.