Friday, June 1, 2007

Mentoring Moments #1: The question

I hope you enjoy these next few postings. As you will read, I will be sharing about a question I raised with my Mentor, Linda from our Keepers of the Home group and how that later evolved into a humbling experience. I hope that in sharing this personal struggle that it would be an encouragement to you as well.

Here is the question :

Dear Linda:

"I have a question from one of the meetings a few months ago. There was a brief mention of how you and your family have a certain number of clothing for each person. Like some are play clothes, a few are church, etc. Would you mind expanding on that?

We have been blessed with much clothing given to us for our children. I have a hard time limiting what is in the drawers because of this. But I am finding that the piles of laundry get a little too tall - and that simpler may just be better.

Thanks for sharing,

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