Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Day at the Zoo

This summer, we purchased an Annual Zoo Pass from
a gift reward through my husband's work. We figure
if we were to go the Zoo just 3-4 times, then it would
have paid for itself. But since it was free, no worries

These large "hoof looking" things below, are actually
large scale Fox Ears. You are supposed to place yourself
in-between the ears and experience how a Fox hears.
The smallest of sounds are magnified. It made for a
cute picture.

Butterfly Exhibit

Outside the Penguin Exhibit

It was weird to see a Moose in the Zoo. When we lived in
Montana, these guys were a common sight.

1 comment:

Alma de Color said...

Dude! I want those fox ears! They look awesome! Looks like a pretty sweet zoo down there!