Thursday, June 14, 2007

More on what to do with stuff

Here is a great article from Tawra's blog, "Living on a Dime". This goes great with the continuation of the Mentoring Moments Series recently shared on this blog.


Laundry Help & To have a Yard Sale or Not?

Question from: Julie
Hi Tawra!

I love your site! I have been helped tremendously with your down-to-earth advice.

I wanted to ask your advice. I have a really hard time keeping up with laundry and I'm so embarrassed by the "mounds" that I have in my laundry room. To be honest, there are a lot of clothes that my family can no longer wear, and I need to get rid of them. I was wondering, after washing them, do you think that I should try to have a yard sale to earn extra money, or should I just bag them up and give the ones that look good to Goodwill? Part of me really thinks that I just need to get rid of all that clutter by giving the clothes away and not hang on to piles for a yard sale. It seems that if I could just get organized, it would actually start freeing up more of our income because I would have a better handle on things. If I have a yard sale, though, it would give us a little more to work with on our budget.

I just thought I would ask for your insight. Thanks so much for your time!

From Tawra:

It depends. If you are having a garage sale with a lot of "big stuff" like furniture, that you need to get rid of too then go ahead and have a sale, but if you are just selling clothes I wouldn't mess with it. You wouldn't get that much to make it worth it. There is a "pain in the buttocks" factor that needs to be taken into consideration. If you are going to make $100 and work 2-4 days getting stuff gathered, priced and set, and then spend 2 days sitting with the sale and 1 day cleaning up, is it worth to work for possibly a week for $100? Not in my book! Now, if I were to make $700 then it would be worth it!

One tip that I use, is I keep a box in the laundry room for clothes that are cleaned and ready for the thrift store or garage sale. Then I have a spot in my garage where I store it all when it get full. Then I either donate it or have a sale. The main thing is GET RID OF IT! CLUTTER CREATES CHAOS! So let it go!!
I hope that helps some.

From Lisa:
If the clothing is in great condition, consider selling it at a Children's Consignment Store. So far this month from cleaning out our closets we have made $130! Receiving money back for clothing is great, but what is even better is the feeling of relief when you "LET GO" of stuff.

Even better, consider blessing a family or neighbor with a gift of clothing.

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