Saturday, June 2, 2007

Mentoring Moment # 4 - The Final

Here is the last of the 4 letters that I will be sharing with you for this series of Mentoring Moments. **Please be sure to scroll down to the beginning, as it would be such a blessing - the first post in this series - so you can have a much better understanding of this entire process**

I was so encouraged to receive this letter from Lori. For sure, I have by no means "arrived" - and have it all together. Just allowing the Lord to lead in my life. The rewards are great. I have also learned through this, to not be ashamed or embarrassed for my struggles, but to give praise for what HE is doing in my life and in others. Thanks for walking through this personal glimpse into the window of my life.

This is the last letter sent from Lori, to me regarding the testimony that I had previously shared with her:

Dear Lisa:

Thank you for sharing, this sweet, sweet testimony! I am soooo proud of you!!! :) And I have definately been where you have been! I too had the piles of stuff for all the catagories, and I have definately taken up offense when my sweet honny just tried to help me. He could see that I was drowning and that it was not fun for the kids and I...but just as you said, when he tried to help me then my pride and ungratefulness showed up and wrong thinking was causing me to take offense! My poor guy! :)

I am sooo proud of you and so grateful that you have a completely caught up, neat, clean laundry room! YEAH!!!! Now it will be such a snap to keep it up! If you can do a load a day or two loads a day and just sort it each day (either in the morning or afternoon when children come home) then everyone sits down and immediately folds it and puts it away! yeah!!!

I'm with you...I know it made a huge difference for me to go through the children's closet and drawers. It takes about 1 hour per child if you go fast. And it does get easier and easier to let it all go! It begins to feel like you're coming out of some kind of shackel or something! :) It is very freeing!

Your honny bringing you a drink is sooo precious! Aren't our husbands so awesome?!

And don't you love the truth, that sets us free? We will NEVER regret doing God's will in our lives! We will never miss not having more stuff...we will never be regretful for having trusted God and do what is right.

I'm soooo proud of you! And, I wondered if I could share your testimony with the group....I would be glad to do so anonymously. I only say this as it is sooo helpful to hear real, live testimony from other women who are learning these lessons and seeing the Lord faithfulness in their marriage and in their lives. I LOVED this testimony. You have been humble, honoring to both God and your husband and you share truth in love. I know it would bless others sooooo much! Again, if you would rather not that is pressure. But I just know from my own life when I share testimony of what the Lord has shown me or done in my helps it "sink" into my heart and mind, it brings God glory and it helps encourage and motivate others.

I am rejoicing with you, Lisa! Praise be to the Lord for his faithfulness to us and his GREAT love for us!
God bless you!

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