Monday, June 11, 2007

A weekend to remember...

This weekend, my very good friend from Texas came for a visit.

We first met in Montana and became good friends just before she was getting ready to move. In that brief time we made some great memories. We both had babies, supported eachother in tough times, and even had one of my "most embarrassing moments" (caught on tape) with her. I still remember the day she was moving to Texas, just giving her big hugs with tears running down our faces. Wondering when we would see each other again? Would our friendship last?

Well we did see each other again when I visited a year and a half ago. Yes, our friendship has lasted and grown deeper. One of those that you can laugh with, share everyday stuff with, and occasionally - only when needed - share"a rebuke". Here is what we did this weekend:

*Picked Teresa up at the airport Thursday, at Midnight.
*Next morning, at 8:45 a.m. went to a Homeschool Conference for the weekend.
*Went to a George's Deli for lunch. A place with great ethnic food and personalities.
*Stayed up late each night talking.
*Attended more conference workshops.
*Met up with sweet, Suzy! Who my husband and I, first met when we previously lived in Idaho. It has been a joy to catch up with her again and also meet her adorable 3 children, plus one on the way.
*I learned that I had been spelling Teresa's name wrong - for a long time. Ugghh. What a dork, I am. I kept adding an "h" after the "T". Well now that was a shocker. I am so sorry!
*Went to a beauty salon called "Panache". This was Teresa's first time getting a pedicure. The best parts were soaking our feet in the warm bubbly water, getting a foot massage, and then being able to look at our painted toes for a few weeks more and remind ourself of this special pampering.
*Then we went to the Olive Garden. Last time I went there was with Teresa in when I visited there in Texas. I think this is going to be our tradition. Love their bread sticks! Ohhh... my!
*After dinner, I gave her a tour of the city of Boise. We went up to a place called "Table Rock". There is a lighted cross that sits ontop an outcropping overlooking the city. On the way up, the road was very bumpy and narrow. The view was great.
*We went for a walk in the pouring rain.
*We talked about our marriages, our kids, our hopes for our families, our goals, and much more.
*Decided to give ourselves a name: "The Hot Mommas"
*Took Teresa to the airport at 6 am on Monday morning.

See you next year, my friend!


Leah Kadwell said...

What a great weekend, Lisa! I'm so jealous :)

Teresa said...

Hey there Hot Mama!
What a great weekend! You didn't mention the coupon training...
going to church together...
folding laundry... (What?? That's not exciting?!)...the adding unbroken eggs to banana bread... I sure love you and look forward to next time!! You are such a blessing!