Friday, June 22, 2007


**Warning this post has lots of Potty Talk :)

Our 2 year old girl is doing very well in the area of potty training. She can go "pee & pooh" in the toilet and isn't afraid of it. All good things. The last skill to master was actually going to the potty when the urge came.

This last week, she'd been taking off her diaper, along with all her clothing, anywhere , anyplace, every time she soiled it . I was finding clothes and diapers everywhere. It was getting to the point of just letting her run naked all day (not really). It seemed like she didn't like the feeling of being wet.

We then introduced the Princess "Big Girl" pants that Grandma Hertel recently gave her. She took ownership of these very quickly. Where she wanted to pull them up all by herself. It was also so cute when Mommy would tell Daddy that Emily went potty on the toilet today and that she had "Princess" underwear on. She'd get embarrassed. Girls! My little boy would gladly show off his Superman underwear.

So yesterday, I noticed that her diaper was still dry in the morning. She held it all night! So I rushed her in to the potty.

Then the rest of the day she got to wear "Big Girl" underwear and didn't have an accident all day!

Then this morning, we heard her get up and walk into the bathroom, take off the night diaper, and go potty all by herself!

We gave her plenty of cheers and a few M&M's for her efforts. Then we asked if she wanted her "Big Girl" underwear on? She said, "Yeah!".

Good stuff. :)

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