Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Treasure Found

Well I'm back from the retreat!

It was an enjoyable time of being with other women who had like minds of loving their Lord, husbands, and families. It was a short trip with about 28 hours teaching, talking, eating good food, quick trail walks, and sleep (actually not that much). The schedule for the retreat was different then typical ones, as it wasn't all about "personal enjoyment", but more about an intense time of learning and encouragement. Making the most of our moments together. There was uncontrollable laughter and the shedding of tears. Good stuff.

I had been thinking that I couldn't remember when was the last time I had sat for so long. My only concerns were of taking care of myself, eating (no cooking, or coaxing little ones to eat, or cleanup!), having conversations with other women with little to no interruptions, and then simply focusing on the teaching times. It was an odd feeling for me as the day before, I hadn't "rested" the entire day while I was running around preparing for this trip. My mind was definitely going in different directions. So I was thankful for this different state of mind and being.

But truly, what was most impressed on my heart was how the Lord provided exactly what I had needed. As I shared in the previous post, I was simply looking for a rainbow in my heart again. Not only did I receive a rainbow, but a treasure. Not just one treasure, but many! He gives so much more than we can ever imagine to those that He loves. I am so thankful.

The treasures that He so tenderly gave to me were gems to hold onto even when the rainbows do fade.

Hope to share some more about the teachings we learned and catch up on some pictures soon.

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