Thursday, October 4, 2007

Birthday Wishes

Hi Everyone,

This is John, Lisa's Husband, and I have high-jacked my Wife's blog in order to wish Lisa a Happy Birthday. She really is a great Wife and wonderful Mother. I really enjoy her companionship and look forward daily to coming home to her. So please join me in wishing her a hearty Happy Birthday.

I love you Sweetheart.


Short Stop said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! YAY, I came over here first thing to wish you a happy one! I hope you have a GREAT day today, Lisa! I'm so glad that I've met you through this blogging world, and I love coming to read your blog each day! And, thank you for the sweet, encouraging comments that you send my way! Happy Birthday, again!

Debbie J. said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! I'm looking forward to checking out your posts. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

Reese said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa! I pray all God's best for you and your family in the next year.

I must say, October is the absolute best month to be born in. :)