Monday, October 8, 2007


I recently came by a recipe called "Easy Pizza Dough". The recipe was simple and to the point. That is where I went wrong. You know that saying, "It's too good to be true". Well it was.

Throughout my married life, I have taught myself to cook. I wouldn't say that I'm a beginner by any means nor a chef. I am definitely not put off by trying new recipes, but for some reason just trying yeast in baking has just been one of those things I'm a bit timid to try.

As of late, we've been having pizza nights. Whatever crusts we use have been the store bought types on sale. So when I came by this recipe for easy pizza dough, I then found courage to open the small, shiny package of yeast and take a go at it.

Everything was going smoothly until I started to roll the dough onto floured wax paper. A nice circle was forming, but then when I went to pick it up the dough stuck to the paper. I was having to peeeeel it off. Leaving quite a bit of dough remaining on the paper. Then I tried more flour to help with the stickiness. This time rolling it out on the pizza pan. That didn't work because the dough would sink into the holes of the pan and wouldn't move; and again sticking to that pan.

Tried more flour. By this time the dough was too tough, and probably had too much flour.


Although, I was bummed, my husband showed what a sweet guy he was and told me how it was really okay and that he was proud of me for even attempting this new thing. Doing pizza dough from scratch. He quickly saved the day by running to Nick & Willy's to purchase some cheese pizzas. We then put on our own toppings and had some tasty pizza for the night.

So now I am determined to find a good, FOOL PROOF pizza dough recipe. I know there are some accomplished cooks out there.

Maybe someone would be willing to share their own recipe with a comment on this blog or through an email?

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Missy said...

I am a former yeast-o-phobe myself, so I can totally relate to where you are coming from. I am also a self-taught cook, and am pleased with what I've been able to do, but the thing with being self taught is that you keep coming up against, in my case, basic cooking knowledge and skills you don't have.

Do you have either a bread machine or a heavy duty Kitchenaid style mixer? If so on either count, I have a recipe I can share.

Thanks for coming by my place-- I'm happy to be back at the blog!