Monday, October 1, 2007

Just finished...

I have just finished the devotional journal, "Whispers of Hope", by Beth Moore. It was a 10-week odyssey of prayer. This devotion asked the reader to adopt the P.R.A.I.S.E. format for their prayer time.

The acronym meaning:
~Supplication for self

It seems that through every Beth Moore study I've ever done, my life is eternally changed because of it. It's not necessarily that "she" is changing me, but more from the deep study and reflection of God's Word that "coincidentally" mirrors what I happen to be experiencing in life, or apply to the trials I soon will be coming to. This last study was no different. So thankful!

For now, I will be reading straight from the Bible, for two weeks. I will be studying about the women of the Bible. Not all of them, just the main characters. Already, I have seen that even though they were "Bible Women", they also struggled with sin. They often took situations into their own hands. The women used everything they had fairly or unfairly - and did it skillfully.

The question was raised, "How can I achieve God's Will despite obstacles?"

My honest answer was by being a woman of prayer, being diligent, seeking my husband's leadership, being courageous, and relying on Him!

What's your answer?

And, do you have any devotionals or studies that you have particularly enjoyed?

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