Monday, October 22, 2007

Caught again

Here we go again...

Sharing each other's colds. Lots of fun!

It started with Daddy being sick last week. I hoped (deluded thinking) that the rest of us would be immune. No such luck.

Out comes the Airborne, Tylenol Cold, Saline Spray for stuffy noses, disinfectant wipes, and other helpful concoctions to help rid ourselves of these colds. Ah yes, not to forget the pile of tissues. We ended up getting a big pack of tissue boxes at Costco, as we had used up every last tissue in the house. Almost had to resort to good old T.P. :)

What's your regiment when cold season arrives at your home?

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Short Stop said...

The battle is on at our house. I think I picked up something over the weekend, and am quite miserable.

I wish we had a regiment. We usually just tough it out with all of the things you mentioned...the whole pharmacy and lots of tissues! AND TP! LOL!!