Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Red Vines

The other day, my little boy had his first Red Vines Licorice. Since then, he's become quite addicted to them and thinks they are the greatest thing in the whole world. It cracks me up when he says, "Mom, I think about those all the time". Just one does not suffice.

Don't you agree?

It is so funny how he will do "cartwheels" for these. They are a great motivator. But, it seems to me that if he eats too many then a tummy ache may follow. And, I guess we should leave a few for others.

And of course you can't eat a licorice without learning to blow air through the holes, tie them up in a knot, or use them as a straw in your drink.

Good stuff...

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Rami C.R. said...

I have issues with Red Vines. Twizlers are garbage, they lack the flavor and texture of the true and only licorice: Red Vines. They even saved my life. When I couldn't stop smoking due to the constant oral fixation I discovered Red Vines which I found even more satisfying than a drag of cancer. Final point, Red Vines will save your life, so just eat them.