Thursday, July 26, 2007


You won't be able to find bleached baking flour in this house anymore. It's gone in the garbage. We will now only have wheat flour and non-bleached white flour. Doing this wouldn't have previously occurred to me until I heard a story from a friend, who heard it from her friend. It may be folklore by now, but it sure made an impact on me. The story goes like this:

"There was a lady who had some children that were playing outside. They had decided to have a food fight with flour. The playing proceeded to the driveway. Then, all of sudden, the family had to leave for some reason. There wasn't time to pick up the mess at the moment. So when they returned to clean-up the flour, they discovered that it had bleached the driveway!"

Hmmm. Something about that isn't right. It made me realize that when the flour packaging says, "Bleached Flour", it really means that there is bleach in it.

I'm not one to usually react suddenly like this, but it just really helped to take a look at what was in our foods. Buying non-bleached flour and more wheat flour, doesn't cost much more than the other and it is an easy change to make.

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Reese said...

I'm with you on this one. I've never seen the point of ingesting more chemicals than than I have to just for slightly whiter baked goods!

I hit "Random" on the Christian Women Online icon and found your blog! I'm Reese-- nice to meet you!

God bless you.