Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Always Relevant

"Since you are my rock and my fortress,
for the sake
of your name
lead and guide me"

Psalms 31:3

On Saturday, I came across this verse while reading from my devotional booklet. After reading it I thought to myself, "that's nice". The fact that He can lead us and guide us is a pretty simple idea. But at the moment it was nothing of a huge impact on my thinking.

Then after the events of Sunday and Monday (read this post), the meaning of this verse completely had a new meaning after I read it again on Tuesday morning. It's amazing how this happens. The verse dug deep into my heart with full acceptance and acknowledgment.

As I reflected on this, I think of how good our God is to speak to our hearts. Right were we are! To reaffirm us. To remind us of His promises and faithfulness. I was again encouraged to read the Word every day. It somehow makes the day go so much better. At least I feel more grounded to deal with the many challenges that "come up" throughout the day.

I was also thinking about how some of us who have read the Bible growing up, may sometimes think,
" I've already mastered or completed a certain part of scripture, or I studied this in Sunday School Class. Or, "I already know this - now I can read something else. Or, I don't really need to read it every day. Or, have the attitude - been there done that. Or, maybe I'll read books written by Christian Authors instead." I'm guilty of all of this and much more.

But again, I have been inspired to treat every verse from the Bible as if it was the first time reading it. Discovering it's truths and meaning for my life. Just because I've already read a verse once or a dozen times, doesn't mean it won't have meaning for me in the future. That's for sure!

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