Monday, August 20, 2007

Seed update

These mixed colored marigolds have brought so much enjoyment this spring, during the summer, and most likely into the fall.

They were originally from 2 year old seeds left in the garage from the house we recently moved into a year ago.

The kids and I, had such a fun time planting them from seed into egg crates and then watching them grow (see this post). We've had many fun conversations about flowers and what is needed to help them grow. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing them just outside the kitchen window every day.

When the flowers shrivel up, you can pull the seeds and save for another planting. Which I plan on doing. A whole lot more next year!

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Reese said...

A few years ago my oldest son brought home marigolds after he planted them for a school project. He showed our German landlady the flowers, and I commented that I really like the smell. She looked surprised and said, "You like them? Ooh, not me. Schtinken bloomen!" Now I can't see them without thinking about that!

They're beautiful.