Friday, August 3, 2007

"Stinkin Thinkin!" - Part 2

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"Thinking on what is TRUE"...

We need to learn how to fight the battle, and to take captive our thoughts. The more we fight, the better we get at it! It is a real, true battle! And battles are not pretty!

Often in the beginning we will feel beat up and plagued with our wrong thinking and this wrong thinking so affects our attitudes and our actions and this causes a lot of drama and undesirable consequences in our lives. If we continue to allow ourselves to think on what is NOT true…we will become more and more depressed and discouraged, frustrated, hopeless etc.

Allowing ourselves to think and react to the wrong thinking, begins a “domino” effect upon our lives:

~our emotions are affected

~our joy is affected

~our energy is affected

~our maturity is affected

~our marriage is affected

~our children are affected by it

~and so are our other relationships

Satan has come to steal, kill and destroy us and our relationship with the Lord. One of his best tools is to just get us to focus on what is not true. To become so entrenched in our wrong, sinful thinking. Because he knows how this can so disable us and make us ineffective and unproductive in Christ!

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Reese said...

More great encouragement.

I'm certainly in a battle over my thoughts right now. I feel so afraid for my future, when I know God is in control no matter what. I start fretting, thinking about all the possibilities, etc. How much healthier and happier I would be (and my family too!) if I could learn to truly trust my loving Father to provide for me.

God bless you.