Friday, August 3, 2007

"Stinkin Thinkin!" Part 1

Hello Everyone...

In these next 4 postings, I will be sharing a chart that one of the mom's in our mentoring group emailed to me and what she had to share on "Thinking on what is TRUE". When wrong thoughts muddle our thoughts and effect our lives. One of my greatest struggles in my life has been with WRONG thinking...some women call it "stinkin thinkin!" This chart and notes have been teaching me to think on what is right, true, and biblical. I hope that it helps and encourages each of you:

As a man he is, the Bible says.

What we think SO affects our actions and attitudes! If I think “I can’t do this!” Then I am setting myself up to fail. I will become more and more discouraged. I am choosing to put my hope in…me. And not in the Lord. Often when I am frustrated I am choosing to look too far ahead and this is not reality. We cannot possibly see ALL that the Lord will continue to do in us and in our lives and family…doing today what God shows me and leads me to do, will GREATLY help tomorrow to be much better!

So, instead of allowing the wrong, unbiblical thought of “I can’t do this!” to take me captive….

~I can choose to allow God’s grace to be sufficient.

~I can remember that ALL things are possible with God.

~I can choose to rest in God and put my faith in hope in HIM and ALL he can do!

~I can remember that he WILL direct my steps as I faithfully look to him.

That while WE’RE not able…
~GOD is able to do ALL things!

~That laying down our will to do God’s WILL be worth it!

~That HIS will is what we would always want if we had all the facts.

~That God will supply ALL our needs.

~That he will give us wisdom.

~And that He will never leave us or forsake us.

When I take the time to think on what is really true…it gives me hope, and it helps me to choose to put my faith in God, instead of fearing and worrying (which do nothing and bring no good). Faith and perseverance is profitable and produces in us spiritual maturity.

So...if we can allow the Lord and his Word to change our thoughts, and to transform our thinking with real truth…HIS truth, from his Word, we will begin to think on what is right, good and true! As we look to the Holy Spirit for understanding as we read we will gain understanding...

More postings to follow...



Short Stop said...

Wow, Lisa...this was an awesome post. So very, very true, and so encouraging.

"I can choose to allow God's grace to be sufficient." This is such a great reminder that all we need is found in God's grace to us!

Thank you so much for sharing this!

Reese said...

Very timely encouragement. Great post.Thanks for the reminder.