Friday, August 31, 2007

Morning surprises

This morning, as I opened my living room shades and peered out the window, there was a bright green sign beckoning to me. It was a garage sale sign directing to the sale just across the street from our house. So I put down the freshly poured coffee, got the kiddos dressed & presentable, and left the house without having breakfast. I'm talking priorities, people!

It wasn't a "great" garage sale, but we did find a treasure or two. We picked up a few coloring books, some national geographic type magazines for the kids to look through, a new Bingo Game that had a Cage Set for the balls to turn in, and my favorite find the: "Sammy The Seal" Book by Syd Hoff. I remember this book from when I was a kid. It is simple as can be, but so very intriguing to children.

After breakfast we read "Sammy The Seal" and the kids proceeded to act like seals catching fish. So funny. :) When that was done, we played a game of BINGO. My little boy enjoyed this so much that he wanted to keep playing this game over and over. But mom told him to wait until Daddy got home and we could all play together. He was satisified.

Anybody else remember reading this book as a kid?


Carol said...

I enjoyed reading about the treasured book you found at the garage sale - "Sammy the Seal". Syd Hoff was my uncle and I'm in the process of creating a very comprehensive website, honoring the creative legacy of his work, both as a children's author and cartoonist. It is under contstruction now, but soon it will be up and running at In the meantime, you can read a short biography about his life on my website - (it's on the "about Carol" page).

Short Stop said...

SAMMY THE SEAL! I totally remember this book! What a fun find!! :)

Hope you have a great holiday weekend!! :)

Reese said...

I have a vague memory of reading it, possibly at my cousin's house. Just looking at the cover makes me feel like a kid again!