Thursday, August 23, 2007


My husband and I recently celebrated our 11th Anniversary. This was a pretty important year for us. We have seen God move in amazing ways and we are closer than ever before, because of Him.

Leaving our small group meeting the other day, we heard the words, "Congratulations on your anniversary". I thought to myself, "Yeah, this is something to celebrate." There was that sense of accomplishment when you have worked hard at something. And the blessing of seeing the fruits of your labor can be seen soon thereafter. We have much to be thankful for. :)

For the actual day of our anniversary, August 10th, we went to dinner and the movies. A sweet woman from our group gifted us with free childcare for our two children that night. We went to McGrath's Seafood House. For an appetizer we had coconut shrimp. The main entree's were Red Snapper with a crab cake topping and lobster sauce drizzled on top, for me ,and then my husband had the Louisiana Catfish. Both of them tasted just wonderful. Not to mention the Clam Chowder!

We then went to see a movie at the Edward Cinemas. Our first movie alone as a couple in 5 years (I know - we need to fix this. We usually rent movies). The movie we watched was "Borne Ultimatum." It was great! - action packed, fast cameras, and good intrigue. A must see for those of you who are fans of the previous 2 Borne movies.

Happy Anniversary My Beloved!


Leah Kadwell said...

And what a privilege for me to be a part of your special day 11 years ago! Congratulations :)

Alma de Color said...

¡Feliz aniversario! Wow! Eleven years, eh? May you have countless more blissful years of change and refinement. :)

Reese said...

Lisa, Happy Anniversary!

I was just talking to my older kids today about what a blessing it is to be married to someone who's committed to marriage in a time when marriage isn't valued as it should be. It IS something to celebrate. Congratulations. I'm glad you two got some time alone!