Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Works for me Wednesday - Contact Tips

Here's what works for me as a contact wearer:

I wear those disposable long wear contacts. So when I pick up my order from Costco (the cheapest place to get contacts of the Oasis Brand), or any other supplier, I ask them if I can have a sample of their solution. Some places will even let you choose the brand. Often including an extra lens case.

When I get home with the boxes, I make sure they are properly labeled LEFT or RIGHT!

Then I write the date I put my lenses in, on the inside of the box cover. That way, I know for sure when it was that I had put new ones in, how fast I am going through them, and when I need to place another order. I make sure to keep a handy little pen or pencil right there along side the box to help with recording.

Another option is to make a note on your calendar when you need to change out your contacts.

Last of all, I take advantage of the Manufacturer Web Sites for offerings of samples, coupons, and future promotions.

The last time I did this, a company sent me a year's worth of contact lens cases, a sample of moisture eye drops, and $5.00 in coupons.

Here's to healthy contact wearing!
And what works for me...

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Amy said...

Great tips! I need to get new lenses. I'll definitely be looking for coupons and such. Thanks.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! You are more than welcome to link to the post if you'd like.:-)