Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Prescription Plan

Here at our house, there is a row of about 5 rose bushes. One of them has a problem of red rust infection. If you look closely at the original shoots, you can see some of the discoloration.

We want to redo this bed of roses by tearing out all the useless black paper. Then lie down thick layers of dampened newspaper, with bark as a covering. Doing this would make the area look so much nicer as it borders the lawn and the neighbors driveway.

Here is the prescription plan:

1. Cut back and thin out bushes to promote growth.

2. Keep enough leftover coffee grounds to place around the roots of the rose bushes.

3. Drench the entire rose bush with Fungicide every 7-10 days during first budding.

4. Spread a Rose Sytemic for the keeping bugs off and promoting growth every 6-8 weeks during growing season.

5. Use calendar to keep track of applications.

6. Take care to not let the lawn sprinkler spray water on top of the rose bushes every time it's watered. Try to be more purposeful in watering just the root area.

7. When blooms are finished, cut them off to promote additional blooms.

There you have it. A prescription plan for healthier rose bushes.

1 comment:

Leah Kadwell said...

Yes, my dear Lisa, this is why I have no plants. There is no way I could remain as committed as you to this recipe. Congratulations on your tenacity and dedication! You inspire me!