Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have recently had two breakthroughs. They are not significant in any way. Just interesting to me.

The other day I was called "You're the nice coupon lady!"

You see when this checker first met me, she had been on the job for only two days. With the shopping list, the different deals that were going on, and the coupons I was using, anyone would have looked at it and said it was a nightmare. Before we even started I shared with her what was going to be happening with the coupons. First that she needed to scan my Albertson's Savings Card. Then proceed with items on the belt that I had placed in order with the coupons. Especially with the store matching coupons that I had already written what the store price was and the difference with the sale right there on the coupon. So no math for her! She just had to type it in. Through it all we chatted about her first few days experience as a new checker. The grand total at the end was $8.00 for $72.00 worth of groceries. The checker said, "You did a great job - wow!" I told her she did a great job too. And that I appreciated her great customer service.

So then the next time I came to shop there, I purposely went to her register. She greets me with "Hey you're the nice coupon lady!"

I thanked her. Knowingly, that in her future she would meet other "coupon ladies" that would do much better than myself. But I was blessed to hear that she had appreciated the kindness shared with her.

The other breakthrough was at this special sale that I go to every quarter or so. It is at a children's consignment shop. They have an off-site sale where it is like a huge garage sale with tons of baby and children's clothes placed on tables for people to look through. Sometimes, things can get a bit "hairy" or pushy. To be honest, there has been a particular woman there that gets under my skin. She is a pro at this stuff. She comes with her son and another woman, and they work the system. I have tried to say hello to her or smile with nothing in return. She is all business. But we see each other in the sales and sometimes brush elbows.

So at this last sale, we were both in line waiting for the doors to open. I said, "Hello" and she smiled. Then it just seemed that throughout the sale we were friendly with each other. We both knew how things worked at the sales. So we would often be right beside each other working a pile, I'd step on her bag she would laugh, we'd help each other find an item, and then she even brought over her pile of items that she was done with. Usually, her group is over in a corner on to their own and doesn't let anyone look at them.

I was pleased that there was a breakthrough with this woman. Next time, I will purposely ask her some questions to learn more about her. I never imagined being able to have even have a conversation with her, and next time I will try opening the doors a little more.

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Leah Kadwell said...

GREAT job Lisa. Your gift for love and kindness is a true blessing.