Friday, April 6, 2007

The Strategy

Today, called for strategic planning.

The task was grocery shopping at WinCo. Just myself and the kids. Typically, my husband does the big shopping for us on Friday's, as the store is on the way home from his work. So I am very blessed and a bit spoiled to not have to brave this part of the shopping every week or two. If I do go, then it is usually by myself or then with one of the kids. When it's one on one, they are the sweetest angels. So helpful!

The problem is that my 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter, have not had the full opportunity to work out their "kinks" at the grocery store. My daughter is very stubborn. Usually, she does not want to stay in the cart, but wants to walk on her own without holding hands. Doesn't like to be carried either. Yes, that is very naughty. Yes, we are working on this. :)

So this weekend is going to be a busy one. In looking at our schedule, it was decided that I would need to do the shopping. As soon as my husband gets off from work, he will be going to the car store to pick up parts for repairing the Clutch. It has this grinding noise as he tries to switch gears. A few times it almost got stuck. He will be taking out all the parts this evening, and then placing them back in tomorrow. There are also other issues, like the brakes and the shocks.

To make a long story, even longer...

With my daughter's tendencies, a plan was needed. So I did some image searches on to find some of the groceries that would be on our list. Placed about 8 of them on a sheet. Then practiced with the kids and gave them "The Speech": "That they would listen to mommy with both ears, staying seated in the cart (or they would be disciplined). That we will be playing a GAME!, The Bingo Game. Where we have to find a bag of salad (Rhino Food, Emily calls it. That's another story), or we have to find milk, etc. They then would receive a sticker to put on the matching picture".

All in all, it worked very well. There were a few people at the store that thought it was cute, some others had that look, like oh how silly, or I don't need that. :( I didn't care, I was on a mission!

My kids were having fun and behaving. Emily sat in the front of the cart with the belt on the entire time. They learned about some new foods, like onions, pineapple, ham slices, etc. They learned about matching items. The only effort on my part was talking more in reminding them what they were looking for and stopping to give stickers.

We talked about their experience when we got home and they were given much praise. Jadon said he listened to mommy very well. They were proud to have their own grocery lists, like the adults.

Now if only they can put the all groceries away by themeselves. ;)

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