Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wasn't very long ago...

that my son was 21 months old and my daughter was
3 months old in these pictures.


We have been able to catch this same pose over the years
as they open their Christmas stockings.



As I was reviewing our picture file this photo got me all choked up.
They both look so "grown up" with their feet reaching to the
end of the couch and hanging over a little bit. They grow up so quickly.
Sniff, Sniff.


Next milestone,
Their feet touching the ground.
Mine don't even do that on most couches. ;)


Reese & Heather said...

Oh, Lisa, that is TOO cute! They do grow up fast, I know. It's amazing. My oldest just turned - gulp!- 14!!!

God bless you, Reese

Heather said...

Lisa - those pictures are adorable! It's great that you were able to get them in the same position every year so you can really see how they change. Your kids are so cute!