Monday, January 28, 2008


Today, we received another few inches of snow. Out comes the snow shovel - again. Then back in the garage it goes along with the other handy tools; where it waits until tomorrow's forecast for even more snow.

We are certainly pleased to have much more snow than last year. It really reminds us of our last home in Montana where you'd have to wait until April/May (if you were lucky) for the snow and ice to thaw out just enough to see the ground below.

Another exciting tidbit about our town is that we may be getting an Aquarium. Seems so odd to have one of these when there isn't even an ocean nearby. If this venue becomes a reality, then this would be a great place to have the kids visit during the winter seasons. We had a zoo pass this year, but we just might get an aquarium pass for the next year, instead. The tickets are half price right now, but the doors aren't scheduled to open until 2009. Here's the website for more information: Boise aquarium

Hope you are enjoying Winter?
I say, "Spring come early!"

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