Thursday, September 27, 2007

Quiet here...

...on the blog that is, but not at home. Daddy is coming home from another business trip, and then again in a few more weeks. So, this causes mom to be on double duty". :) Despite this, I really do enjoy having one on one time with the kids. Just simply playing together is good stuff.

My little boy's favorite game is playing, "TAG - YOUR IT!", and then another new game we made up that closely resembles Soccer. The object of the game is to kick the ball past mommy and sister; ultimately hitting the fence to make a goal. I have to say that "J-dog" has a pretty good kick. :)

Then today, we tried to find different ways to turn a small amount of orange juice, into the color RED. Ketchup, red slushy, red sprinkles, and paprika work good. :) Mom had to stop the fun when the kids started asking, "Let's put grass, and then let's put dirt in it..."

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Short Stop said...

You sound like a fun mommy to let them do that with the O.J.!

My husband travels quite a bit for work, so I am quite familiar with double duty. It can be very exhausting.