Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happy Dance

There are some people that I call my friends who don't use creamer in their coffee. Just black is good for them. I'm not one of those people. ;) I love to flavor up my coffee. So when I came across this deal at Walgreen's, I was doing the happy dance.

Here's how it worked out:

~2 Coffeemate Liquid Creamers 16 oz: $4.38 regular price
~Buy one get one free: $2.19 on sale
~Used two, $1.00 off each printable coupons = .19 cents

1 comment:

Short Stop said...

Ok, now THAT's a deal. I'm a creamer girl, too! Won't EVER find me drinking black coffee! My husband says I drink coffee with my cream! And, I'm ok with that!! :)