Saturday, September 15, 2007


There's just something about the smell of bulk cooking spices. So says the cashier at WinCo. I sure wouldn't know as I don't have much of a smeller for a nose. : )

Here is what I picked up to help restock and refill the spice jars:

~Parsley Flakes
~Pumpkin Spice
~Garlic Powder
~Minced onion
~Parsley Flakes
~Yellow Mustard
~Italian Seasoning
~Grated Parmesan Romano Cheese
~Dried Cranberries

All these spices were purchased for just under $5.00 total. Lovin' the bulk section!


Short Stop said...

This put me in the mood for some Pumkin Pie. I just might have to bake one early this year!! :)

Short Stop said...

Oops...Pumpkin Pie. Though it looked cute spelled the other way! :)