Thursday, May 3, 2007


Ah, I had one of those moments today, that I wish could be done over again. One of those, that I didn't realize my failing until the moment was completely gone.

Oh yes, the excuses are definitely there, "I was feeling a bit tired today, my head wasn't connected because of the sinus cold, or I was meeting a new person and was a bit nervous".

So what! I should have been present. Been in the moment. Not thinking about me.

It should have been about connecting and introducing two people to each other that could have brought about a very positive outcome.

But now, I am left to regret, ask for forgiveness, and pray that the Lord would redeem this lost opportunity. And pray that next time, I would get out of the way, that I would be filled with the Holy Spirit, ready to do His work.

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jdoriot said...

This post really made me stop and think about my "regret" from yesterday...thanks for the reminder...I too, was in the way!~