Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Freezer Pleaser #3

A great way to stock the freezer - Buy Hamburger in Bulk - On Sale.

Recently, we purchased 10 pounds of hamburger on sale. When we got home from shopping, I took some time to especially prepare this hamburger for future meals. I cooked about 2 lbs of taco meat, 3 lbs of regular ground and then left 3 or so pounds of non-cooked meat for whatever other meals may come up. The meat was then flattened in quart-size Ziploc bags for maximizing storage and also helps with quick defrosting.

We also do this, now more often, with Turkey meat that we find on sale combined with coupons of course!

We were able to purchase this Extra-Lean Hamburger on sale from one my favorite Albertson's stores. Every day the Butcher Block grinds up fresh hamburger and then in the evening or the next morning they reduce it for quick sale. This particular Albies had theirs on sale for.99 /lb. Typically, other stores reduce it from $1.29 - $1.69.

So regularly this 10 lbs of extra-lean hamburger would go for $3.49 lb.,costing $35.00.
Then with buying it at reduced rate this same 10 lbs. at .99 cents lb.,costing $10.00
A savings of $25.00

This works great for us:
Saving money, not having to go to the store so often & pay the higher prices, and then already having hamburger, prepped and ready to go for future meals.

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jen said...

I have often bought in bulk, on sale and separated into single servings for the freezer. But I've never thought about preparing it before you freeze it! Great idea!