Friday, May 25, 2007

Blessings in the Mail...

Just the night before, I went to Walmart for some shopping and to peruse the garden section. I came away bemoaning the fact that I had wanted more color around the house with blooming flowers, but that buying flowers was such an expensive venture.

So then "lo and behold", in the mail today, I found a box full of bulbs! They were sent over from Oregon from my husband's parents who had gotten the tip from my sister-in-law that Home Depot was giving them away! I felt so blessed that they shared those with us and that the Lord had met this desire of my heart.

Here is what was in the box with some of the helpful suggestions for growing them:

30 corms of Pink Gladioli, 27 Matchpoint Red Gladioli, 28 Trader Horn Red Gladioli
(*plant at bi-weekly intervals for continuous color)

8 tubers of Lavender Perfection Dahlias
(*Pinch of the first flower buds on the main stems for greater flower production and a fuller-looking plant)

35 bulbs of purple Liatris
(*they are hardy and reliable and require little or no care - loving this one!)

3 pink Begonias, 4 white Begonias
(*Low medium flowering plant)

7 Assorted colors of Lilies
(*plant where there is some shade during the hottest part of the day so that flowers will hold their color)

Can't wait to start digging in some good old dirt!

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Mom2fur said...

Oh, lucky you! You sure are going to have some beautiful flowers! I planted dahlias last year, and they came up as big across as dinner plates. I hope they come up again this year.