Monday, February 26, 2007

Thankful for...

I am so thankful for my husband. He works hard all day for his family. When it comes to my cooking, he always has kind words to say. It is on a rare occasion that he says something I made was "okay". But he always eats it. :) Always eats leftovers. I think of myself as a pretty good cook. I am no master chef, and definitely not a beginner. I just get distracted sometimes :)

So the last two nights for dinner, I really bombed.

The first night was Salmon (fish sticks for the kids) with Broccoli Cheddar Rice, and Salad. The Salmon was cooked too long. Nice and hard. The fish sticks were crispy. The rice, my husband made (turned out fine) and the salad was from a bag (can't go to wrong there).

So tonight he was telling me about the lunch he had today for a Safety Award. Those that won, were awarded lunch at a fancy restaurant. I was asking him how it was and he said, "I had a Salmon Melt on Focaccia bread. The salmon was so tender". We had laughs on that one.

Then tonight was Pizza pancakes with spaghetti sauce for dip, an Asian Salad, and apples. I found this recipe off the Taste of Home website and thought this would be a good way to use up some pepperoni that was in the fridge. It also called for Italian seasoning, cheese, chopped tomatoes, and green peppers. I took one bite of the pancake, and almost lost it. Really it was some texture problem. The salad was from a bag also, but it had some sort of sweet dressing on it. That was not good either. Apples - no problem. My husband, of course ate 3 pancakes, and finished his plate.

As we were cleaning up, he asked me if I wanted to freeze or keep the leftovers. I said, "Well, I just gave one to Shadrack, our dog". So then he went to the backdoor and threw them like a Frisbee to the dog. We had a good laugh over this one.

I shall make it up to my honey with one of his favorites tomorrow: Taco Salad
Can't go wrong with this one.

Again, so thankful for the husband that the Lord gave me. Just what I needed. :)

Do you have any cooking disaster stories?

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