Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yearly Play Date

It's mommy's turn. Yeah!

In a few days, I will be boarding an airplane to Texas.

There I will find my best friend, Mrs. T. with her husband and 6 precious children (one is baking in the oven - due in May). Each year we take turns in taking mini-vacations to each other's homes.

Remember all those times (8 of them) that my hubby went out of town last year?

Turns out, he has earned a free round-trip ticket. I was so blessed when my husband suggested that I use this ticket to go see Mrs. T.

So the planning began. Best to go earlier in the year before it gets too hot there in Texas (I am such a wimp!) or in the fall time.

With only two weeks notice of booking due to the traveling restrictions and black out dates, I have been a busy mommy getting ready for the trip.

Here's what I have been up to:

~Made double batches & put in freezer:
French Toast, Pancakes, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Homemade Sloppy Joes.
~Made up a menu plan for the next two weeks.
Posted on fridge.
~Grocery shopping done!
~Daily schedule made up for the next two weeks.
Posted on fridge.
~Laundry caught up!
~Arrangements made for meetings.
~Cleaned up kids room (can we say tornado!)
~Organized and cleaned up office desk.
~Worked on & packed "surprises" for Mrs. T's family.

Still to be done:
~Haircut for mommy this afternoon.
~Drop off gift/food for another friend who just had a baby
~Haircuts for rest of family this evening.
~Make homemade maple syrup.
~Organize freezer (maybe)
~Check weather report in TX (heard they have been in the 60's, with a few days in the 80's.
~Pack clothing & toiletries.
~Pack carry on bag. "Let's see, what are the security restrictions, again?"
~Load I-Pod with last Sunday's missed sermon, and maybe an interesting show or two to help with the multiple airport layover's I have.
~Tidy up the house a bit.
~Give Daddy important phone numbers, insurance cards, library cards, and zoo membership cards.
~Give my kiddo's and hubby great big hugs & kisses goodbye. Promising to try and not miss them too much. :(
~Get cash out for the trip.
~Smile when I think of giving a good friend a big hug, going on our "date" to Olive Garden (a tradition), seeing her kid's smiling faces, and being able to talk with each other without the restraints of the computer or telephone.

I'll be sure to catch up with you all when I return and share about how my play date went. :)


Reese & Heather said...

That sounds like so much fun! I hope you have a ton of fun with your best friend.

Short Stop said...

That's awesome! If you're still gone, I hope you're having a GREAT time!

Short Stop said...

Hi, Lisa!!

I wanted to let you know that you won a fee copy of Cold Tangerines from my giveaway. If you could email me your address at grshortstop (at) gmail (dot) com, then I'll get you your free copy!

Have a great day!

Reese & Heather said...

Lisa, How fun! I hope you have an awesome, refreshing time.

God bless, Reese